Action for Al-Ahwaz



Since 1925, the Arab region of Al-Ahwaz has been under Iranian occupation. Over 90 years a brutal reign of terror and “Persianization” has been waged against the Ahwazi Arabs.

Violent persecution and forced displacement have been used by both the Pahlavi monarchy and the Islamic Republic that succeeded it in order to control the region’s resources: oil, water and agriculture.

As a result, millions of Ahwazi Arabs suffer the worst poverty in the Middle East, while their once lush, verdant homeland – reputed to be the Biblical Garden of Eden – is now a desolate wasteland.

Ahwazi Arabs are fighting back. The Ahwazi Intifada against Iran began on 15 April 2005 and has become the main challenge to the Iranian state and the wealth it has stolen from the Ahwazis.

Named after an Ahwazi martyr who was executed on 27 January 2014 for simply telling the truth, the Hashem Shabani Action Group confronts the Iranian state wherever it exists in the world. We work with comrades from occupied Kurdistan and Balochistan as well as supporters within the wider world in a spirit of mutual solidarity and resistance to fascism and racism.

We speak the truth and are audacious in our worldwide campaign to disrupt the Iranian fascist regime’s war against Ahwazi Arabs. We have in our sights all Iran’s business, religious and political interests.

Our weapons are pens. Our bullets are words.


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